The ultimate sign of Hubris

I´m skimming through an old issue of Inc. Magazine and in an article called “Life Hackers” I read about rich people using their money trying to cheat death.

Larry Ellison has a net worth of $55 billion and according to the article he has said that “death makes me very angry”. So, as death upsets him, he has spend hundreds of millions of dollars on antiaging research.

Another Larry (Page) and his friend Sergey have founded Calico with the mission of “Curing death”…

If you go for eternal life, I´d say you risk not focusing enough on the present, which in the end will turn out to be a mistake, as you will eventually… die.

Achieving a feeling of invincibility and immortality in life, is as immortal as you will ever get, and the question is if it isn´t the ultimate sign of hubris if you try to take immortality to the next level after that.

There is an alternativ way to go; accept death and then try to live life to the fullest. That´s difficult enough, and in the end much more rewarding.

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