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The greatest sports nation of all time

Which is the greatest sports nation of all time? To answer the question, let’s start out with some assumptions: – Number of olympic medals is a relevant measure of success in sports. – A gold medal is twice as valuable … Continue reading

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What is data?

The answer you get depends on the person you ask. For example, what is a human? Ask a biologist and the answer would be that humans are mammals. Ask a philosopher and the answer might be that humans are defined … Continue reading

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Digital vs Data-Driven

A note on being Digital vs being Data-Driven: Digital: The company has updated/transformed it’s processes, products and services using digital platforms and tools. As a digital company they provide their services more efficiently but not necessarily more effectively as they … Continue reading

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Common pitfalls when developing KPIs

KPI’s – always needed, always a challenge. I think these are common pitfalls when developing KPIs: 1. Using ”out of the box”-solutions: You go with the metrics/KPI’s that a vendor has built into its reporting solution. How come Bounce Rate … Continue reading

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2 important dimensions when defining KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

Depending on your role in the organisation your KPIs should have different levels of detail and different timeframes: The higher up in the organisation, the more focus on aggregated and strategic KPIs. Aggregated KPIs gives an overview of overall performance and … Continue reading

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The ultimate sign of Hubris

I´m skimming through an old issue of Inc. Magazine and in an article called “Life Hackers” I read about rich people using their money trying to cheat death. Larry Ellison has a net worth of $55 billion and according to … Continue reading

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The importance of other peoples competence

Execution of complex and difficult tasks is … well, complex and difficult. To understand the challenge at hand and to understand how it can be solved in an efficient way is what makes you a professional within your field. But … Continue reading

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Scratching the surface

Malcom Gladwell suggests it takes 10 000 hours of practice to excel in any field. If so, what happens if you only invest a few minutes in getting to know a subject before you move on to the next? Well, you … Continue reading

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Beware of too influential analysis departments

Knowledge is power and data is a foundation of knowledge. The people closest to the data, and with the best understanding of handling the data, can therefore get a disproportionate influence over decisions. Any conclusion an analyst draws from data … Continue reading

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From data delivery to true analysis by asking questions

Are you an analyst stuck in a bombardment of ad hoc questions? Then you are probably not in a situation to act as an analyst at all and you need to change your situation to become more relevant to the … Continue reading

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