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The difference between Goals and KPIs

The terms goals and KPIs are sometimes used interchangeably describing the same thing; what you need to measure and report on to see whether you reach the desirable outcome of your actions. But Goals and KPIs can be more useful … Continue reading

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How to handle Big Data

Big Data simply means more data. And it is likely that the data you have access to in your company is growing fast and exponentially. So why is this? Companies don’t have more employees, or more customers than before “Big … Continue reading

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Pinterest Analytics – More fragmentation added

Pinterest now gives us Pinterest Web Analytics which serves us with Pins, Pinners, Repins, Repinners, Impressions, Reach, Clicks and Visitors. Pinterest is part of the vast social media landscape. Social media is part of the vast digital landscape. And digital … Continue reading

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The limits of Web Analytics

The limits of web analytics can be expressed in one sentence: You don´t have online customers, you have customers with an online behavior. If your business is strictly online, these two will coincide. But if you do business both online … Continue reading

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Online customers: Easy come, easy go

You might not agree that it was easy to acquire your customers, but as an online retailer you most likely agree that they are too easily lost. Purchasing behavior differs a lot between online and offline. Think about your own … Continue reading

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