Advantages with Tag Management Systems: New Forrester report

The market for Tag Management Systems is new but growing fast. The traditional way of managing tags on websites is a cumbersome and costly operation demanding lots of internal IT-resources, and creating friction between marketing and IT.

In a new report from Forrester, “Understanding Tag Management Tools and Technology”, 49% of TMS users say they use their TMS to edit existing tags on their website more frequently than once a month. All kinds of tags are managed via the TMS: 88% uses it for web analytics tags, 64% for search marketing, 62% for ad serving etc (see picture below from the Forrester report).

Companies prefer to manage tags in-house; 66% of the responding companies in Forresters survey has this preference compared to 20% preferring to work with external consultants for tagging. Tag Management Systems dramatically simplifies this tagging process for the companies. Also companies (64%) prefer to have the Marketing department or Web analytics group responsible for tagging. As TMSes makes you independent of IT (no changes has to be made in the page code when editing, adding or removing tags), TMSes are also helping companies to better achieve this.

The most interesting finding in the Forrester report is the reduction of time spent on tagging with a TMS compared to not using a TMS: 53% of the TMS users says it takes one hour or less to implement a new or revised tag using their Tag Management System, compared to 8% prior to using a TMS.

September 18th Forrester and Tealium holds a webinar on the advantages of using a Tag Management. You can sign up for the webinar here: Driving Digital Marketing Results with Tag Management

Here you can download the Forrester report for free (during a limited time). Or buy it directly from Forrester.

Please contact andreas[@] if you are interested in learning more on how a Tag Management System can reduce costs and increase revenues for your company.


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